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At A&E we believe parenthood is about growing alongside our children to build lives that nourish our souls. Our Sleepod will allow you to be close to your newborn while offering your baby a safe, cozy bed of his/her own—in your bed at night and moving with you during the day.
From room to room and place to place, allowing your baby the familiar comfort of home, wherever you go.

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To us, great design means well crafted items that blends in beautifully in your home while reflecting your style. We let the materials speak for themselves by creating multi-use items that allows you to live your life better with less.

The Sleepod in-bed baby sleeper and lounger is our take on the classic Scandinavian bed nest. It is perfect for co-sleeping, napping, tummy time, nursing, travel & play. Organic, removable hemp covers makes washing easy. The Sleepod is designed to mimic the womb to soothe your baby and facilitate bonding, nursing and sleep, from infancy and beyond.

Our Sleepods are manufactured in Los Angeles, CA. We use the best organic, natural materials to create a safe, hypoallergenic, and soothing environment for babies and their parents.

The Askr & Embla Sleepod is made to give babies and their parents a good nights' sleep, night after night.

"It’s beautiful in its simplicity — it quietly blends into your everyday life and offers a secure and cozy spot for your babe to rest. It fits perfectly in a Moses basket, on the couch or in a bed and has been an absolute favorite of mine."
Mary R New York NY